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Trupanion pet insurance ties for No. 3 in our Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022 ratings. It offers comprehensive dog and cat insurance covering accidents, illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions, including breed-specific conditions. Founded in 2000, Trupanion acquired American Pet Insurance Company in 2007, which underwrites its insurance policies. Aside from its dog and cat policies, Trupanion sells Recovery and Complementary Care, which covers certain treatments, like behavioral modification, chiropractic, and acupuncture.


  • Covers breed-specific conditions and congenital conditions

  • Short waiting period of 5-days for injuries

  • No payout limits


  • Longest waiting period for illnesses in our rating

  • Trupanion only insures dogs and cats, no other animals

  • Exam fees and preventive care are not covered

Trupanion offers pet insurance policies for cats and dogs that cover accidents and illnesses. In addition, its standard plans will cover breed-specific and congenital issues. There are also policy add-ons available for cats and dogs who are breeders and pet owners assistance which can cover things like damage your pet does to someone else’s property or boarding fees for your pet if you become hospitalized, as well as one that covers rehabilitation and alternative therapies, like acupuncture and naturopathy.

It doesn’t offer coverage for exotic pets, like birds, reptiles, or small mammals. And because it doesn’t offer a wellness policy or rider it won’t cover things like preventative care. Trupanion also won’t cover your exam fees.

Its plans also offer you a wide range of deductibles, ranging from $0 to $1,000. While a $0 deductible may sound tempting keep in mind that, generally, the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium. Like all the entries in our rating, Trupanion has waiting periods for its policies. A waiting period is the amount of time after a policy starts before you can start filing claims. Its five-day waiting period for accidents is among the shortest in our rating, while its 30-day waiting period for illnesses is the longest.

Trupanion’s plans also don’t have coverage limits. Some of the companies and agencies in our rating have either annual or per condition coverage limits, that could limit the amount paid out for covered treatment.

The claims process can also be unique among the entries in our rating. If your vet has Trupanion’s payment software it can pay them directly. The vet would file the claim to Trupanion, and you would only pay the vet the deductible. If your vet doesn’t have the software, you would pay the vet and then file a claim with Trupanion, and it would reimburse for covered expenses.

Bottom Line:

Trupanion offers accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs, with options to add coverage for rehab and alternative therapies, pet owners assistance, or pets who are breeders. Its policies have no coverage limits, and you have a broad range of deductible options to choose from.

Trupanion offers a medical pet insurance plan for cats and dogs. It covers hospitalization and surgery, emergency visits, hereditary and congenital conditions, diagnoses, prescription medications, and breed-specific conditions, like hip dysplasia and heart disease. Pet owners can purchase additional Recovery and Complementary Care coverage for alternative treatments, like acupuncture, chiropractic, and behavioral modification.

A pet owner assistance package is available that includes benefits like up to $500 in boarding fees if you are hospitalized and need care for your animal, up to $25,000 in unintentional property damage by your pet, up to $500 toward advertising or a reward if your pet is lost or stolen.

You can choose a $0 to $1,000 lifetime per condition deductible, so you only pay the deductible when your pet develops a new condition vs. paying the deductible every year. Once you reach your deductible, Trupanion pays for 90% of covered medical conditions and veterinarian care as outlined in the policy.

Trupanion does not offer wellness coverage for preventive care like vet exams.

Trupanion offers one medical pet insurance plan for cats and dogs. It does not offer wellness coverage for vet exams, vaccinations, or other preventive veterinary care. However, pet owners can purchase add-ons, like Complementary and Recovery Care, which includes coverage for services, such as acupuncture, behavioral therapy, chiropractic, and rehabilitative therapy.

You can add on pet owner assistance to cover boarding fees if you are hospitalized, unintentional property damage by your pet, and advertising or a reward if your pet is lost or stolen.

A breeding rider is available for covering certain conditions dogs and cats can develop, such as a birthing condition called dystocia. However, if your pet is pregnant when you enroll, claims for the current pregnancy are not covered.

Trupanion pet insurance for a cat (a under one-year-old male domestic shorthair) costs $30.88 per month for a $500 deductible. Trupanion dog insurance costs $70.12 per month for a $500 deductible for a one-year-old female mixed-breed dog weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. Exact pricing depends on the breed, your location, deductible, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison





Trupanion »

$70.12* $30.88* Get A Quote »
Spot »

$36.54 $16.51 Get A Quote »
Lemonade »

$19.44 $11.00 Get A Quote »
Embrace »

$29.71 $12.22 Get A Quote »
Healthy Paws »

$26.89 $11.93 Get A Quote »
Pets Best »

$44.37** $16.54** Get A Quote »
Nationwide »

$56.74*** $28.15*** Get A Quote »
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

$36.54 $20.17 Get A Quote »
Figo »

$31.34 $18.18 Get A Quote »
Fetch by The Dodo »

$35.25 $20.16 Get A Quote »

Trupanion insurance has a lifetime per condition deductible, so after reaching the deductible for the first time, you only pay it when your pet is diagnosed with a new covered condition. The pet insurance plan has no payout limits. Trupanion has a vet direct pay option for participating veterinarian hospitals that immediately files your claim upon checkout at the vet so you pay your 10% portion (after meeting the deductible) and Trupanion pays the vet directly.

The prices displayed below are for monthly premiums.


How do I buy pet insurance from Trupanion?

To buy pet insurance from Trupanion, you will first get an online quote by providing your pet’s name, age, species (dog or cat), breed, and sex, as well as your ZIP code, and email. You’ll also need to answer whether the animal has been spayed/neutered or is a service animal. Then, Trupanion will provide options on your deductible which will allow you to customize your premiums to a degree. Trupanion gives you the option to add on Recover and Complementary Care or Pet Owner Assistance. You’ll also answer whether you plan to breed your pet and require coverage for related illnesses and accidents.

After selecting your pet insurance coverage preferences, you’ll be directed to an online checkout where you’ll provide your contact information and bank account details for premium payment, along with the veterinarian hospital you plan to use if you already have a provider.

Is there a waiting period for a Trupanion plan?

Trupanion has a waiting period of five days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses from the time you enroll in a pet insurance plan. After that, all listed medical injuries, illnesses, accidents, and vet care is covered. If your pet gets sick during the waiting period, Trupanion considers it a pre-existing condition that will not be included in the coverage.






Trupanion »

5 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Spot »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Lemonade »

2 days 14 days 6 months 6 months
Embrace »

48 hours 14 days 6 months 6 months
Healthy Paws »

15 days 15 days 12 months* 15 days
Pets Best »

3 days 14 days 14 days 6 months
Nationwide »

14 days 14 days 14 days** 14 days
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Figo »

3 days 14 days 1 year 1 year
Fetch by The Dodo »

15 Days 15 Days 15 days 15 days

Does Trupanion offer a wellness plan?

Trupanion does not offer a wellness plan to cover vet exams, vaccinations, and other preventive care like dental cleaning. However, you can add on Recovery and Complementary Care for services including hydrotherapy, rehabilitative therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and behavioral modification.

Does Trupanion cover pre-existing conditions?

Trupanion does not offer coverage for a pre-existing condition. If your pet has an illness or injury that manifested 18 months prior to enrollment and waiting periods, Trupanion will consider it a pre-existing condition and not cover it. For example, if you brought your dog to the vet for repeated paw licking and a year after enrollment the vet diagnosed it with allergies, treatment for those allergies would not be covered because licking behavior is considered a “clinical symptom” for allergies.

Does Trupanion cover spaying?

No, spaying and neutering is not covered by Trupanion’s plans. The insurer considers fixing to be part of a pet’s routine wellness and preventative care. It’s important to note that in 2014, Trupanion expanded its core policy to cover conditions that occur in dogs and cats who are not spayed or neutered, like testicular or mammary tumors.

Does Trupanion cover dental cleanings?

Dental cleanings are not covered by Trupanion nor are additional fees, such as anesthesia or blood work, often required before a cleaning. That said, in 2014, Trupanion increased its dental coverage for both cats and dogs to include endodontic treatments caused by dental disease or trauma. That coverage kicks in only if consumers are vigilant about their pets’ dental care and bring them in for routine dental exams.

How do I contact Trupanion’s customer service?

Contact Trupanion customer support 24/7 by calling their toll-free customer service number, using its chatbot, or sending an email. You can also fill out an online form and Trupanion will get in touch with you.

Does Trupanion have any coverage limits?

Trupanion does not have any coverage limits on its plans. So, once you meet the lifetime per condition deductible, Trupanion will pay for 90% of covered medical illnesses and conditions.

Does Trupanion have a deductible?

Trupanion has a lifetime per condition deductible. This means that once you meet your deductible you’ll only be required to meet the deductible thereafter when your pet is diagnosed with a new medical condition covered by the plan. Trupanion allows you to choose your deductible from a range of $0 to $1,000.

How do I file a claim with Trupanion?

To file a claim with Trupanion, use its online tool to upload an itemized invoice. If you’d rather mail or fax the claim, Trupanion offers a downloadable claims form to fill out. Take a picture or scan the form and vet invoice and send them to Trupanion in an email or by fax.

How long does it take Trupanion to reimburse a claim?

Trupanion usually reimburses claims within about 24 hours. If your vet has Trupanion’s direct pay software, your claim can be processed at checkout. To get reimbursed quickly, Trupanion suggests sending in your claim as soon as possible after your pet goes to the vet and providing medical records. Be sure to fill out the claims form completely and list all treated conditions.

How do I cancel a pet insurance policy from Trupanion?

To cancel a Trupanion pet insurance plan, provide written notice to customer service by email or regular mail at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your policy and Trupanion has not paid you a claim, it will refund 100% of the premium and any enrollment fees.


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