Male infertility more likely than female: 8 lifestyle habits to avoid


While infertility is usually connected to women in many Ugandan cultures, research shows that there is a greater possibility of men experiencing infertility than women.

Male infertility is where the man is unable to produce sperm at all, or the inability to produce healthy sperm. Infertility in men can be caused by many internal as well as external factors.

The following factors can cause infertility in men:

Consuming excess alcohol can not only affect sperm production but also the integrity of sperm DNA. This can make the process of fertilization difficult and decrease the chances of forming an embryo. Doctors recommend moderate consumption at all times.

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Just like alcohol, smoking too much tobacco also affects fertility. Tobacco most certainly has many other health impacts because of which it should be avoided. But the impact on male fertility could be permanent. Tobacco has the same effect on the male reproductive process as alcohol consumption does.

Sleep is associated with many bodily activities. It is a fundamental part of the proper functioning of the body. It is also associated with infertility in men. Researchers have pointed out that both excess sleep and lack of sleep can impact male fertility. The ideal time limit for sleep is seven to eight hours every day. Research shows that there is a 42 percent reduction in sperm production if a person sleeps more or less than the required time.

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Infertility in obese men comes as a result of too much bodily heat around the private area due to the fat accumulation , causing the testicles to experience high temperatures regularly. This hampers the production of sex cells.

Most people take steroids to improve their physical appearance and physical performance. A particular type of steroid called the anabolic steroid is derived from sex hormones, i.e., testosterone. These hormones can negatively impact sperm production in men. Lack of sperm production can lead to infertility or low fertility.

Air pollution has numerous adverse effects and one of them is that it can impact the motility and morphology of sperms.

When you heat a plastic container, it releases bisphenol (BPA). Bisphenol is endocrine disruptor that can cause fluctuations in a person’s hormones. Hormonal changes on the other hand can affect male fertility. It is better to avoid using plastics, especially in the microwave.

There are several genetic diseases associated with male infertility, but this is a less common cause of the problem. An example is Klinefelter syndrome, in which the man has an extra X chromosome, which leads to a deficiency in the production of the hormone testosterone and prevents normal spermatogenesis.


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