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3 unforgivable secrets

3 unforgivable secrets you should never keep from your partner

Lovers don't keep secrets from each other. The rule of communication and honesty in relationships ensures that there are some unforgivable things you shouldn’t...

5 things you should never do to please a woman

Dear men.. No matter how much you love a woman, there are things you should never ever do all in the name of pleasing...
Here are 7 things your partner

Here are 7 things your partner does not need to know about you

Here are the things you really should not be telling that your boyfriend or girlfriend if you intend to keep the relationship going. Of course,...

7 cute things that happen when you get comfortable in a relationship

When we get over-familiar with our partners, there are some things we do. Getting comfortable with your relationship can be a good or bad thing....
Male infertility more likely than female

Male infertility more likely than female: 8 lifestyle habits to avoid

While infertility is usually connected to women in many Ugandan cultures, research shows that there is a greater possibility of men experiencing infertility than...

Ever felt sudden weakness/shakiness? These are 7 possible reasons

A sudden wave of weakness and shakiness from inside the body might be a sign of something serious going on! There are several reasons to...
natural ways to make your lips soft

5 natural ways to make your lips soft and pink

If you can keep slices of cucumber on your lips for about 15 minutes on a daily basis, they would become pink and soft. There...

Stained teeth? Try these natural home remedies to whiten them

Ever looked at someone's teeth when they smile and think to yourself, how can her teeth be so white? How come mine are yellowish...

6 Most Common Pests at Home and How to Deal With Them

Do you see pests in your home or business? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ it may be time to call an exterminator. Pest problems...

How to Do a Hot Oil Treatment on Natural Hair

Are you struggling with frizz, split ends, thinning edges, or just one too many bad hair days? Your natural hair is bold and beautiful,...
7 Harmful ingredients

7 Harmful ingredients to look out for in your skincare products

Skincare products are meant to nourish and keep the skin healthy. There are various skin care products in the market, both organic and inorganic...