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Figo pet insurance is No. 9 in our Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022 rating. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Figo administers policies underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, Markel American Insurance Company, and Markel Insurance Company. Figo insurance allows you to see a licensed vet anywhere in the world.


  • Figo does not cap claim payments by condition type

  • Many pet insurance claims are settled within about three working days

  • Figo might cover pre-existing conditions that are deemed curable


  • Figo doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions deemed incurable, giving birth, or experimental procedures

  • Only dogs and cats are covered under Figo pet insurance

With Figo pet insurance, policyholders could see 100% of their pet’s veterinary bills reimbursed depending on their plan, deductible, and reimbursement option. The insurer breaks its policy-building process into three steps for customers: select a coverage level, customize the reimbursement and deductible, and select additions that can enhance the policy. For example, you can add comprehensive coverage for wellness exams and vaccines, as well as coverage for exam and consulting fees that come with non-preventative care.

Policyholders can select $5,000 or $10,000 in coverage limits or opt for unlimited annual benefits. Figo’s customizable policies let pet owners set up coverage plans that work best for their situation. The insurer also settles claims relatively quickly. Most are closed in under three business days and Figo offers 24/7 access to licensed vets.

Figo pet insurance policies cover a variety of treatments including surgeries, dental illness and injury, cancer treatments, veterinary specialists, and prescriptions. However, not everything is covered. For example, Figo does not cover pre-existing conditions unless they’re considered curable and your pet hasn’t had symptoms in the last 12 months. Figo also doesn’t cover experimental procedures, pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, and most parasites. The company also currently only offers pet insurance for cats and dogs.

Bottom Line:

Customizable coverage plans, fast claim service, and a multitude of covered treatments make Figo pet insurance a potentially viable option for dog and cat owners. Policyholders just need to have an understanding of what is and is not offered by Figo. For example, it does not cover pre-existing conditions, which is standard for many pet insurance companies.

Figo sells policies with three annual limit levels: an Essential Plan with a $5,000 annual limit, a Preferred Plan with a $10,000 annual limit, and an Unlimited Plan with unlimited benefit coverage. Rather than a per-condition deductible, Figo plans have an annual deductible you meet before you can receive reimbursement for covered expenses.

The plans cover emergency care, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, congenital and hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, and cancer treatment.

Figo has optional coverage that covers veterinarian exam fees related to a covered accident or injury, while some other pet insurance companies do not. There is also the option of adding wellness coverage to your Figo plan that would help cover things like vaccinations and routine blood work.

Figo does not cover pre-existing conditions, which are defined as illnesses or injuries with symptoms before you purchase the policy or during a waiting period. It doesn’t matter if a condition was officially diagnosed and treated, Figo cares about when the symptoms first started. The exception to this rule is if the condition is curable and your pet hasn’t displayed any signs or symptoms in the past 12 months.

Waiting periods for Figo vary by state. A waiting period is the amount of time between when a policy is and when you can start filing claims.

When you purchase a Figo pet insurance plan, you’ll get access to the Pet Cloud app that provides access to a live vet 24/7, stores medical records, sends health reminders, and has community features to connect you with other pet owners and pet-related services in your area.

Figo has three add-ons that it refers to as ‘power ups’.

  • Wellness. This option covers preventative care like spaying/neutering, dental cleanings, vaccinations, and routine blood work.
  • Veterinary Exam Fees. This provides coverage for exam visits related to new accidents and injuries. It also includes up to $250 for prescription food used to treat a covered illness, and increases the limit for behavioral treatments from $500 to $1,000.
  • Extra Care Pack. It also offers up to $250 for cremation and burial, lost pet advertising/reward, boarding fees, pet theft up to $150, and third-party property damage up to $10,000 per policy.

Figo says its plans average about $1.50 per day. A sample monthly premium for covering your dog is $31.34, while cat insurance is priced higher at an average of $18.18 per month (this is the only company we rated where this is the case). These prices are for a one-year-old female mixed breed dog weighing between 50 and 90 pounds and a one-year-old male domestic shorthair cat with a $5,000 annual benefit limit, 90% reimbursement, and a $500 annual deductible.

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison





Figo »

$31.34 $18.18 Get A Quote »
Spot »

$36.54 $16.51 Get A Quote »
Lemonade »

$19.44 $11.00 Get A Quote »
Trupanion »

$70.12* $30.88* Get A Quote »
Embrace »

$29.71 $12.22 Get A Quote »
Pets Best »

$44.37** $16.54** Get A Quote »
Healthy Paws »

$26.89 $11.93 Get A Quote »
Nationwide »

$56.74*** $28.15*** Get A Quote »
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

$36.54 $20.17 Get A Quote »
Fetch by The Dodo »

$35.25 $20.16 Get A Quote »

According to Figo, your monthly premium is based on how old your pet is, breed, and where you live since veterinarian care can cost more in certain cities and regions. If you choose the optional exam fee coverage or the extra care package, your policy will cost slightly more. When you go through the online price estimation process, you’ll provide this information to receive a quote for your dog or cat’s pet insurance plan. Your plan pricing is also based on the annual benefit you choose ($5,000, $10,000, or unlimited) and annual deductible ($100, $250, $500, $750).

Figo may charge a one-time administration fee depending on the state in which you live.

One stand-out quality of Figo pet insurance related to cost is that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel within this time and have not yet filed a claim, Figo will refund you the premium. But if you cancel after 30 days and/or have submitted a claim, refunds are based on state regulations. And, Pennsylvania residents do not get the 30-day money-back guarantee. According to Figo, administrative fees are non-refundable in most states.

The prices displayed below are for monthly premiums.


How do I buy pet insurance from Figo?

To buy pet insurance from Figo, you first click on the “get a quote” button at the top of the page on the company’s website and fill in the required information: your pet’s name, cat or dog, age, sex, breed, ZIP code, and your email address. Next, Figo asks you to select your annual benefit: $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited. You’ll also choose your reimbursement level and deductible from a number of options so Figo can customize a quote.

You can choose three optional coverages: a wellness option that covers things like regular blood work and vaccinations, an option for veterinarian exams related to covered illness and conditions (this is not for wellness vet visits), and an extra care pack for up to $250 for cremation and burial, lost pet advertising/reward, boarding fees, pet theft up to $150, and third-party property damage up to $10,000 per policy.

The entire purchase process is completed online. You’ll receive Figo policy statements in the Figo Pet Cloud app. Or, you can call customer service and request hard copies.

Is there a waiting period for a Figo policy?

There is a waiting period that varies by state before you can file a claim for accident or illness. During this waiting period, vet visits and treatment are not covered by your Figo plan.






Figo »

3 days 14 days 1 year 1 year
Spot »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Lemonade »

2 days 14 days 6 months 6 months
Trupanion »

5 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Embrace »

48 hours 14 days 6 months 6 months
Pets Best »

3 days 14 days 14 days 6 months
Healthy Paws »

15 days 15 days 12 months* 15 days
Nationwide »

14 days 14 days 14 days** 14 days
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Fetch by The Dodo »

15 Days 15 Days 15 days 15 days

Does Figo offer a wellness plan?

Figo pet insurance does not offer a standalone wellness plan that covers preventive care visits, vaccinations, supplements, and dental cleaning. It does, however, offer a wellness option for its regular plans to cover things like vaccinations and regular blood work and a veterinarian exam option that only applies to exam fees related to covered illnesses and injuries.

Does Figo cover pre-existing conditions?

Like many pet insurance companies, Figo does not cover pre-existing conditions. Figo considers a pre-existing condition one that occurred before the policy went into effect or during the policy waiting period.

The exception is conditions that are considered curable. Pets would also have to show no signs of symptoms within 12 months of their last treatment to qualify for coverage.

Does Figo cover spaying?

Although Figo’s standard plans don’t cover spaying or neutering, its Wellness Powerup covers both surgeries. The Wellness Powerup also covers annual exams and dental treatments, but it is not currently available in all states.

Does Figo cover dental cleanings?

Figo covers dental illness and injury treatments directly related to an accident, but routine care like dental cleanings does not fall under its standard coverage. However, policyholders can add the Wellness Powerup to their coverage, which reimburses them for routine dental care.

How do I contact Figo’s customer service?

To contact Figo customer service, you can use the company’s online chat feature, email, text, or call customer service Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., or Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., CST. To contact Figo on a Sunday, you can use its text support option from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. If you have a claims question, customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5:30 CST.

Does Figo have any coverage limits?

You can choose your coverage limit with Figo pet insurance, and the company refers to this as your annual benefit. Options are $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited.

Does Figo have a deductible?

Yes, Figo has a deductible you must meet before it will reimburse you for covered illnesses and injuries. Figo allows you to choose a deductible from a select set of options. Once you meet the deductible, Figo will reimburse you up to 100% based on your policy, and up to your annual benefit, of which you’ll choose $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited.

How do I file a pet insurance claim with Figo?

The easiest way to file a claim with Figo is to use the Pet Cloud app. There is a claims icon that will prompt you with some questions about your pet’s treatment. Then, you’ll attach a photo of the paid invoice from the vet and submit the claim.

For your first claim, you must ask your vet to send Figo your pet’s medical records to receive reimbursement. If you don’t want to use the app, you can file a claim by downloading a form and emailing it to Figo, or sending it via fax.

How long does it take Figo to reimburse a claim?

Figo processes claims within 30 days of receiving them, but the company says its goal is seven to 10 business days.

How do I cancel a pet insurance policy from Figo?

To cancel a Figo pet insurance plan at any time, email or call customer service. Cancellation must be provided via email if you choose to start the process with a phone call.


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