Embrace Pet Insurance Review & Prices


Embrace Pet Insurance ties for third in our Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022 ratings. Having sold its first policy in 2006 after winning a business plan competition in 2003 at the Wharton School of Business, the Cleveland company offers pet insurance coverage underwritten by Cincinnati’s American Modern Insurance Group.


  • Insured families can choose any licensed vet

  • Mobile app-based, no-forms claims

  • Short two-day waiting period for accidents

  • Decreasing deductibles for zero claim reimbursements


  • Only covers dogs and cats, not exotic pets, like rabbits and reptiles

  • No wellness or preventative care coverage

  • Six month waiting period for orthopedic coverage

Embrace offers insurance to pet owners to cover unexpected vet bills caused by injury and illness. You can take your cat or dog to any licensed vet. While Embrace does not cover preventative care, the insurer does provide an optional non-insurance-based Wellness Rewards plan that covers routine exams, spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, and more.

The insurer only provides coverages for cats and dogs, not exotic animals such as small mammals, birds, or reptiles. Claims can be submitted through Embrace’s mobile app, as well as by email, fax, or mail.

For each year that a pet owner does not receive a claim reimbursement, Embrace will decrease a customer’s deductible by $50. In addition, the company offers a 10% discount for insuring more than one pet.

It’s important to note that Embrace has several waiting periods. A waiting period is the amount of time between when a policy starts and when you can start submitting claims. Embrace has a two-day waiting period for accidents, which is one of the shortest of all the companies in our rating. It has a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, which is on par with the other companies in the rating, and a six-month waiting period for orthopedic issues.

Bottom Line:

Embrace offers insurance coverage for cats and dogs only. With a focus on helping pet owners pay for unexpected medical costs caused by illness or injury, Embrace does not cover routine exams and preventative medicine, such as vaccinations. However, Wellness Rewards, a non-insurance care plan that covers check-ups, spaying/neutering, and even grooming and training, can be purchased.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers two types of insurance plans: an accident-only plan and an accident and illness plan. Pets 15 years or older that aren’t already enrolled in an Embrace plan can only enroll in the accident-only plan.

The accident-only plan covers veterinary care for things like bloat, poisoning, cuts, and vehicle-caused injuries. After a $100 annual deductible, it covers 90% of veterinary bills for applicable situations up to $5,000 per year. The more general plan covers accidents as well as medical illnesses including congenital conditions, dental illnesses, cancer, and chronic conditions such as allergies and arthritis.

Pre-existing conditions are mostly not covered, unless they’re deemed cured and your pet has been without symptoms or treatment for a year or more. Certain things, like pregnancy, cosmetic treatments, and treatments related to nuclear war, aren’t covered.

Annual max payouts, deductibles, and the percentage of reimbursed medical bills are customizable and affect your premiums. Dental illness is covered up to $1,000 per year.

You can add an optional wellness plan to accident and illness coverage from Embrace. This plan isn’t an insurance policy or rider but is described as a budgeting tool. It covers treatments, such as grooming, neutering or spaying, wellness exams, and vaccinations. Unused coverage does not roll over from year to year and these plans don’t affect your deductible or annual max.

With Embrace’s accidental and illness plan you can also choose the annual maximum, annual deductible, and percentage of veterinary care Embrace coverage will pay for when you sign up for coverage from the company. Naturally, these will affect the premiums that you pay. The deductible goes down $50 every year that you don’t file a claim.

For a one-year-old female mixed-breed dog, Embrace pet insurance costs about $29.71 per month, while coverage for a male domestic shorthair cat under one year costs about $12.22. Both monthly premium rates have a $5,000 annual benefit limit, $500 deductible, and 90% reimbursement rate, essentially meaning a 10% co-pay.

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison





Embrace »

$29.71 $12.22 Get A Quote »
Spot »

$36.54 $16.51 Get A Quote »
Lemonade »

$19.44 $11.00 Get A Quote »
Trupanion »

$70.12* $30.88* Get A Quote »
Healthy Paws »

$26.89 $11.93 Get A Quote »
Pets Best »

$44.37** $16.54** Get A Quote »
Nationwide »

$56.74*** $28.15*** Get A Quote »
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

$36.54 $20.17 Get A Quote »
Figo »

$31.34 $18.18 Get A Quote »
Fetch by The Dodo »

$35.25 $20.16 Get A Quote »

The company offers military (both active duty and former members of the armed forces) and multi-pet discounts, and rates can vary based on where you’re located. You’ll generally pay more for older pets, and pets at least 15 years old can only get accident-only plans if they aren’t already covered by Embrace. Keep in mind that pre-existing conditions aren’t covered, unless they’re deemed curable and your pet has gone without symptoms or treatment for at least a year.

Your deductible generally goes down $50 per year for each year you don’t file a claim.

The prices below are for monthly premiums.


How do I buy pet insurance from Embrace Pet Insurance?

You can fill out basic information about your pet on Embrace’s website to request a quote. You’ll also need to allow Embrace to get a year’s worth of veterinary records from your vet (or records from when you adopted your pet or your pet was born if that’s less than 12 months ago) or send them separately. You’ll be able to adjust your annual maximum, annual deductible, and percentage of costs that will be reimbursed in order to adjust your premium to something you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that pets 15 years and older are only eligible for accident coverage.

You can also decide if you want an add-on Wellness Rewards plan that covers wellness visits and treatments separately from traditional pet insurance.

Is there a waiting period for an Embrace Pet Insurance policy?

Embrace plans have a 14-day waiting period for illness and a 48-hour period for accidents. Waiting periods prevent you from signing up for pet insurance and immediately filing a claim for an accident or illness. You can’t file claims for situations that arise during those periods. Dogs have a 6-month period for orthopedic treatment, though you can reduce it to 14 days by getting an orthopedic exam.






Embrace »

48 hours 14 days 6 months 6 months
Spot »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Lemonade »

2 days 14 days 6 months 6 months
Trupanion »

5 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Healthy Paws »

15 days 15 days 12 months* 15 days
Pets Best »

3 days 14 days 14 days 6 months
Nationwide »

14 days 14 days 14 days** 14 days
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance »

14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Figo »

3 days 14 days 1 year 1 year
Fetch by The Dodo »

15 Days 15 Days 15 days 15 days

Does Embrace Pet Insurance offer a wellness plan?

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a plan called Wellness Rewards on top of its standard plan, but this is not an insurance policy. This allows you to pay over the course of the year for a fixed amount of wellness treatments including wellness vet visits, spaying and neutering, and grooming. Unused payments don’t roll over to subsequent years.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

In general, Embrace doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, it may cover curable conditions that have been symptom-free for at least 12 months. One of the examples of a curable condition that Embrace gives is an ear infection. So, if your dog or cat had an ear infection, was treated, considered cured, and hasn’t had any symptoms for at least a year, Embrace may cover future ear infections.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover spaying?

Embrace does not offer spaying/neutering as part of its insurance plan. However, customers can purchase the company’s additional non-insurance program, Wellness Rewards. Embrace calls this additional program a tool that can help with budgeting. The money put into this plan can be used for spaying/neutering, among other things.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover dental cleanings?

Preventative teeth cleaning is not included in Embrace’s insurance plan. But, like spaying/neutering, customers who have the Wellness Rewards plan can use that money for dental cleanings.

How do I contact Embrace Pet Insurance’s customer service?

You can contact Embrace customer service by phone during extended business hours Monday through Friday. You can also use the MyEmbrace website or the Embrace smartphone app to update your coverage and submit claims. The company can also be reached by email, fax, or postal mail.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance have any coverage limits?

Embrace Pet Insurance plans generally have an annual maximum selected when you sign up. There is no lifetime max on Embrace plans. Dental coverage works separately, with dental illness generally covered up to $1,000 per month under Embrace’s plans.

The Wellness plan is a separate offering with its own annual limits.

Does Embrace Pet Insurance have a deductible?

Embrace pet insurance does have an annual deductible. You will select the deductible when you sign up for coverage. Insurance only begins to cover expenses after you’ve paid the deductible for that year. If you pay a higher deductible, you’ll generally have lower premiums as part of your plan.

How do I file a claim with Embrace Pet Insurance?

You can submit a claim online or through the MyEmbrace app. You can also send it by email, fax, or postal mail. You’ll need to include a complete invoice from your veterinarian’s office and make sure to include all pages with your claims. You’ll also need any diagnosis your pet received.

How long does it take Embrace Pet Insurance to reimburse a claim?

After you submit the online or physical claim form, it will typically take 10 to 15 business days to process. Your first claim may take longer. You’ll get reimbursed by direct deposit within about three days or by check within about 10 business days if you prefer. You can track your claim online.

How do I cancel a policy from Embrace Pet Insurance?

You can cancel your Embrace pet insurance plan by email or phone. If you cancel within 30 days of when your policy started and haven’t submitted any claims yet, you’ll get a full refund. Otherwise, you might get a prorated refund of your premium for the current billing cycle.

Keep in mind that if you cancel you’ll have a new waiting period if you sign up again, and any conditions your pet has been treated for may be considered a pre-existing condition.


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