7 Harmful ingredients to look out for in your skincare products


Skincare products are meant to nourish and keep the skin healthy. There are various skin care products in the market, both organic and inorganic products. In a bid to keep the skin beautiful, a lot of people resolve to use skincare products to stay young, and beautiful and attain smooth skin.

However, not all ingredients used in the production of skincare products are healthy for human health.

Some of them may have immediate effects in the long run.

Here are harmful ingredients to look out for before you get a skincare product.

1. Diethanolamine

Diethanolamine is a foaming agent. It doubles as a carcinogen and respiratory toxin. These chemicals can disrupt hormones. They are the cause of allergic reactions that can dry the skin or hair.


2. Triclosan

Most liquid soaps that are antibacterial contain Triclosan. And while most people link antibacterial to healthy living, there is no scientific evidence which process that antibacterial soaps are more effective at sickness Prevention. Constant use of Triclosan may add to the problem of antibacterial resistance.


3. Polythene

This ingredient is mostly found in scrubs, body wash, make-ups, and kinds of toothpaste. It is a skin irritant and harmful to injured skin. It is linked to hormonal imbalance, and early puberty and can be found in breast cancer tissues.


4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

One of the most irritating cleaning agents. It causes sores, acne, disruption of skin natural oil, dry skin, dandruff, dermatitis, etc. It can be seen in shampoo, body wash, and foundation (make-up).

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5. Paraben

This ingredient act as a preservative in soaps, lotion, and makeup products. Most products made with water contain paraben to stop bacteria from growing in the product. On skincare products, they could come in form of propylparaben, Isopropyl paraben, and Isobutyl paraben. This ingredient can also cause cancer.


6. Petrolatum

Some moisturizing products such as lip balm and moisturizers contain petrolatum. What it dies is to create a barrier that renters moisture. It gives a temporary illusion that the skin is dehydrated.


7. Hydroquinone

It bleaches the skin and can treat different forms of hyperpigmentation. It reduces the melanin and can cause a temporary whitening of the skin. It destroys the skin and can cause pre-aging.


When choosing your skincare products, be careful with the ingredients it is made of. Avoid skin care products that promise so many benefits because such products may have a lot of harmful ingredients.


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