7 cute things that happen when you get comfortable in a relationship


When we get over-familiar with our partners, there are some things we do.

Getting comfortable with your relationship can be a good or bad thing. Sometimes it can cause you to take each other for granted, but other times, it means you both have gotten into a rhythm and have become best friends.

Now you kiss each other good morning without brushing [Dailymail]

Here are seven things people do when they get comfortable in a relationship;

Has it ever happened to you while you were dating someone you thought, “Oh my God, there is a naked man in my house! and that’s okay.”

At a point, there is nothing to hide from each other – even if you have insecurities

Disclaimer: You don’t want to start walking naked too soon. Let’s the relationship simmer for some months before you start

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When you started dating them, you had to stand up and go to the bathroom now no one has time for that.

Your partner bears the brunt of your smelly farts, you can always deny it. I know I do.

You guys can actually have full blown conversations with the door open when either one of you is using the toilet. Ew but cute.

‘I hate the mouth odour’ you say but look at you kissing each other early in the morning before brushing.

When your significant other says, ‘let’s kiss each other with morning breath’, somehow it feels sexy.

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Mr. and Mrs. hygiene before the relationship started, now look at you using your partner’s toothbrush and sponge. What is yours is mine, ain’t it?

Now you have someone to buy your pads, pills or even bread on his way home. Perfect.

Raise your hands if you know the word, malaria sex. Well being sick doesn’t mean you can’t get it on, and that’s one of the perks of a comfortable relationship.

On the first three dates, you contoured your face perfectly, but now, half the time he sees you, you are in cornrows and shorts without an ounce of makeup on. He sees the real you every time, and hopefully, he loves you like that.

Finally, getting comfortable in a relationship doesn’t mean you consistently do what your partner hates.

So if they say shut the door when using the toilet, pick the eggs from the crate in one row and not haphazardly or cover the toothpaste when you are done, then do it.


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